NancyEha beading

 Hi, I am Nancy! I am an artist and teacher.

My primary work is empowering others to create beautiful bead embroidery designs and original bead embroidery patterns. In both my real time and online beading classes, the learning process begins with beading for beginners; having the right beading tools for success and sharing my best tips and tricks for beading on fabric. Within the first few minutes of a beading class faces light up! Frequently I hear comments as; “I did not think I could do this, but I can!”, or “I tried beading in the past and it was frustrating, now it just became fun!” I love to teach others, especially beginners how to embroider with beads. You can find out more about my upcoming classes here.

What is In a class opening introduction I often share that I am a former primary grade teacher. And “Teaching children and adults is the same, only I rarely have behavior problems with adults.”  (If you could hear my voice inflection, you would hear that sentence as a joke) After the laughter subsides, I continue “What I mean is that I can teach anything to anyone if the seemingly complex is streamlined into small manageable steps of learning.” Bite size learning.

I do not own or have owned a brick and mortar bead store, and do not have plans to do so. By student request, I do have an online shop with beading supplies than ensure your beading success!

My focus is teaching beading classes. Much of my creative time is experimenting with my chosen materials, seed beads, needle, thread, and fabric.  Over 25 plus years I have asked hundreds of “What it?’ questions. The result has been my original bead embroidery techniques which I incorporate into real time and online classes and books real time and online classes and books. I spend a great deal of time developing beading classes with PDFs  and videos that enable me to teach successfully to a large group of 20 students. My goal is to make sure every beading student has a positive learning experience.  I silently critique teachers and presenters to see what worked and what didn’t work, as I continue to hone my teaching skills.

My life goal? To devise a way to effectively burn calories while beading. I enjoy Pilates, (hula) hooping, and have been know to use my ironing board as a brace for weighted arm curls.  I could eat birthday cake and dark chocolate every day, especially when pared with black coffee.

Nancy Eha